Your hosting account comes with a number of control panels to allow you to manage your hosting.


  • DTC Email Control Panel – This screen lets your email account holders change their email passwords, set up email redirects and set up any fetch mail accounts that they want.

  • Round Cube Web Mail –  YourNet provide a secure web mail system for you to send and receive your email.

  • DTC Hosting Control Panel – This screen lets you make changes to your hosting such as adding email, ftp and ssh accounts.  You can also set up your databases.  You can view a printable version of our instruction manual for your control panel here.

  • Database Management Control Panel –  Databases you create in your Hosting Control Panel can be managed using phpMyAdmin.  You can also use this control panel to make backups of your databases.

  • New Account Registration – If you don’t already have a hosting account with us, or would like to set up another account, use this link to display the New Account Registration form.

  • How to set up your email software – This page explains how to set up your email software to collect your email off our server.

  • How to transfer files to your account – This page explains how to use ftp and ssh to manage files on your hosting account.

  • How to view your web site statistics – This page explains how to view stats about the traffic on your web site.

  • How to backup your web sites – We back up all your sites, how ever you can also perform backups if you want to.